Executive Coaching. Personal Coaching. Just Coaching.

¡Hi! This is my first post in English. Please, English-speakers, excuse my mistakes. It is not easy at all writing in a different language.


I am an Economist. When I finished my studies of Economy and Business in the University, while I was looking for my first job I began studies of Psicology. Yes, I really like to understand how we act, think and feel. I also like to help people, it is a very important part of my life.

I do some activities as volunteer in a foundation which is very active in a disadvantaged neighboorhood at the city I live in. Recently I could give a conference to volunteers and beneficiaries of this foundation. The title of my conference was «Leading others through motivation and emotional intelligence: we all have a gift to share with the world». I felt so good while I was speaking to them… because I saw their faces of attention to my words at the same time I was noticing I was helping them and giving them some new fresh air and inspiration.

That’s why I felt in that moment that I had to give a new step in my professional activity. Yes, I am an Economist, I am a Consultant of Strategies, I have studies of Psicology and I love to help people… so I should be Coach. Executive Coach? Personal Coach? Both: in a few weeks I will get my International Certificaction as an Executive and Personal Coach.

Nowadays I am my own Coach. But for this I needed a Coach in the past. It was the best choice in my life… really! Why? There usually is a gap between «what we are» and «what we really want to be». A Coach helps to save this distance. And as I told to my listeners «we all have a gift (talent) to share with the world». The problem is sometimes we don´t recognise our own gifts or we underestimate our skills.

I would like my clients feel more confident each day. I am prepared to offer my experience in the best way: not only acting but progressing together. This vision is so useful in daily life… the profit is the double!

I try to look to the future in calm, but sometimes the future could be discouraging. The more important will be robots in our life, the more important will be to take care (and keep save) human relationships, human wellbeing and huma behavior. In this way, please Dear reader, don´t forget you are unique, you have a gift or talent to share with the world and you are able to be your own Coach. The world, you and me, need we keep save this.

Be your own Coach. Have a Coach first. It will become the best choice in your life.

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