About me

I am María del Carmen Fernández Rubio. I live in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. I have a degree in Economics and Business Studies by the University of Alcalá de Henares in CEU Luis Vives, Madrid. In 2016-2017 I got the degree on «Structured Finance in the new economic environment: Project Finance and other financing formulas». It is a part of the Master in Public Private Participation (PPP). This topic has more application in our environment every time due to the impulse to the creation of renewable energy generating plants with public and private capital. In 2019 I finished a training in Executive and Personal Coaching to improve my teaching skills. In 2020 I completed the Advanced Program in Compliance of the Institute of Advanced Managment of CEU San Pablo, preparatory for the CESCOM® accreditation by the Asociación Española de Compliance. I also got the Internationally Certified Compliance Professional accreditation on July 2020.

I started working in 1997, a few months after leaving University, as an Administrative Assistant of an industrial company. In 1998 I became the Chief of Administration of a small local bookhouse. In 2002 I started a new job as Deputy to the Financial Director of a real estate and construction company. In 2011 I returned to the industrial sector: I became until 2017, Controller of a very important graphic arts company, which belonged to an important multinational group until a few years ago. Its commercial activity continued to operate with multinational companies, customers and suppliers at the same time. That’s why it was necessary to maintain an organization adapted to their needs. That way, doing this job, I learned everything about the organization and way of working of the large industrial multinationals and that is completely extrapolated to any business activity. In this job, I strengthened skills such as the agility in detecting incidents and anticipating them, the skill in creating the necessary procedures to guarantee an efficient work model in the company and a great capacity for work organization.

Since 2018 I am working on this project; now it is also available online in http://www.fernandezrubio.com. I am a member of the “Compliance for SME’s” ASCOM®working group, starting in September 2020, about how to improve Compliance programs, set and customized for every different companies.

My professional profile of Linkedin here and details of my project in My professional activity.