My professional activity

This External Consulting Service for companies sets individually for each company and activity, a flexible work plan that will adapt to your needs. Your company and I can work improvement targets PROJECT BY PROJECT more or less complex, depending on the areas that we want to cover.

Main lines of work:

  • Analysis, review and/or creation of the Procedures Manual. Its implementation and follow-up and reduction of the necessary documentation (few papers).
  • Study of the costs of the company for its classification, reduction and elimination in the case of useless costs.
  • Study, valuation and/or implementation of the analytical accounting, cost accounting and calculation of prices.
  • Adaptation of the departments of the company towards a Total Quality System.
  • Study, revision, improvement and simplification of the internal organization.
  • Individual or group coaching for the whole managment of the company, teaching a simple and entertaining theoretical-practical program. Know the strategic areas to reach the defined targets, divided into two parts: practical, technical and operational aspects (the tools of work most used in multionational groups) and emotional and human aspects (to achieve productive and harmonious work teams).
  • How to carry the company towards a more sustainable production model that respects the environment, complying with waste separation regulations and other measures to reducing it.
  • Executive Coaching for managers and work teams.

Find here your workspace, collaboration and synergies: start-up’s from the good and innovative ideas of young women and men entrepreneurs, as well as for consolidated companies looking for growth and improvement projects.